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Trainees are required to take 5 vinyasa classes (from 5 different teachers), and 5 non- vinyasa classes (such as Kundalini, Iyengar, Yin, etc) prior to the training, and take notes on these classes. Again, these are recommended, but not required, and listed in no particular order: Reflections on the Art of Living. The course only lasts 2 weeks so you have to expect quite a strict timetable with 12 hours of training every day. Iyengar (This serves more like an asana reference manual, not really one to read cover to cover), USD $4200 (This rate is for your own bed in a shared triple room w/ ensuite bathroom. Support local bookstores and buy it on, Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice. The location is in the breathtaking Carvoeiro in the south of Portugal on the beach and the accommodation will be in a villa. They’re quite varied in subject matter – so you can choose areas of your particular interest. At the core of the The Sacred Fig philosophy is a profound sense of connection. We see the divine in everything around us, but we also know that it lies within us. These Yoga Alliance registered schools provide you with your RYT yoga teacher certification. In fact, it’s one of the most comprehensive available today. Prepare to be inspired. Who doesn’t want that? Reserve now for special discount. We firmly believe that the strongest attribute any yoga teacher possesses is themselves. 2020 November; 2020 December; 2021 January ; 2021 February; 2021 March; 2021 April; … The Sacred Fig Practicum is regarded at the forefront of Yoga education, using a thoroughly considered approach to teaching that greatly expands the potential and speed in which one learns. At 16 he moved to New York on his own to pursue a career in acting. For almost the same price as most teacher training in Western Europe, you can do a yoga teacher training course in an all-inclusive resort in Bali, Indonesia, studying with authentic Indian yoga masters? Integrate. There's different options for different budgets. A positive attitude. The birds here are some of the most majestic you'll see, and the walking paths, like the Costa Vicentina, are world renowned. Strong coffee (yes, coffee) and herbal teas are available throughout the day. 3 weeks training in Portugal and The Hague, based on Astanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga practices. From founding a sustainable footwear brand, to working... Tony is a firm believer in the transformational power of yoga. (This rate is for your own bed in a shared triple room w/ ensuite bathroom. Eckhart Tolle You will be accommodated in a hotel only a five-minute walk away from the beach. They combine a detailed and in-depth study of yoga asanas (postures) with yoga`s rich history and philosophy, as well as the lifestyle of yoga that offers balance and peace for life off the mat. Prepare to be challenged. ~ and leave the rest. I had expectations for this training and I will honestly say they were vastly exceeded! For the last week, you`ll move locations and go closer to the ocean to the beaches of Ericeira. They offer this course as a 21 day all inclusive intensive with additional preparation time and follow up assignments before and after. The Sacred Fig anatomical education is far from a traditional anatomy snooze-fest. Most of the yoga schools are teaching traditional Hatha and vinyasa yoga in an intensive 2-4 week format and most of them are offering fresh, organic, local food on site. He brings an authenticity to his teaching which allows you, as a student, to connect with him immediately. We have a modern approach to the … From Lisbon, its roughly two hours drive south, entirely dependent on how many espressos you’ve had. I was able to open up to possibility and explore my practice in a playful, inspiring and safe environment. They include variations suitable for all levels of experience. You'll have your own bed in either a shared double or triple room, your preference. Using a non-dogmatic approach, Grace views the physical practice of yoga as gateway, not an end in itself. Full payment must be made by Nov 1, 2020. This 200-hour yoga teacher training has an intensive schedule that aims to develop the physical and mental capacities of all participants so that after three weeks of intense practice and learning, you will be able to transmit and teach valuable Integral yoga techniques to your future students. The pine shala is a dream for morning mediation and practice, especially as the morning fog rolls in. Most of the yoga schools are teaching traditional Hatha and vinyasa yoga in an intensive 2-4 week format and most of them are offering fresh, organic, local food on site. Pantelleria Italy The Teacher Training: n/a The Retreat: June 5-12, 2021. Before applying for the course you`ll have to have at least one year of consistent yoga practice and you`ll have to complete a reading list. We cover both the human physical anatomy (skeletal, muscular, respiratory, & cardiovascular systems) as well as energetic anatomy (prana, chakras, nadis, bandhas). This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a massage. During the course, you`ll be accommodated in a private villa in Monte Gordo, Algarve, only 50 meters from a sandy beach. Please email finished commentaries (all attached as word docs, in one email, with the subject line: YTT book reports, trainee name) to [email protected] prior to the start of the training. The yoga techniques taught here include Jnana, Kundalini, Karma, Kriya, Mantra, Hatha and much more. Bathroom is in the hallway, and is shared between two bedrooms. Different faculty will rotate in & out of the program over the course of the program, and so the days will naturally vary, as each day builds upon the next. About The Sacred Fig. Bringing any of these books to the training is entirely optional. In Anton's classes, he effortlessly strikes an often difficult balance between spirituality and a physically-challenging practice... something that so many yogis are looking for and so many instructors miss the mark on. Topics include teacher breakout sessions, energetics of the body & movement, alignment of key poses, and physical adjustments. Below is a typical schedule, which tends to vary slightly each training, according to the specific needs & pace of each individual group. (Take what you like out of his ideas ~ he has some really great ones! Asana. optional. A New Earth. Click continue to accept our use of cookies as mentioned in our Cookie Policy. During the training, students and teachers will share a home together in the hills of the Algarve, surrounded by natural beauty. There are two yoga shalas at Cocoon. This track is entry level for those students that want their initial 200 hour teacher training certification with both Embodied Flow and the Yoga Alliance. Please realize this is not “traditional” reading material for most people, and some of the books might take quite some time to digest. Please write down your experience with these classes – including how the sequence felt in your body, the flow of the sequence, which poses challenged you, and any other feedback. The area were heading to is called Coastal Alentejo, and you probably haven't heard of it (that's a good thing). We cannot find any matches for your search term. From founding a sustainable footwear brand, to working with the pop-band Scissor Sisters, his yoga practice kept him grounded along the way. As an ambassador for Lolë Women, Grace was chosen to lead the Lolë White Yoga Tour sessions in Toronto, Edmonton and Paris - an event that brings together thousands of people for uplifting yoga sessions dedicated to peace. The Sacred Fig Teaching Methodology is unique in it's approach. Full payment must be made by Nov 1, 2020. Nov 21. Early morning Satsang will always include a form of meditation, and will also often include various traditional yoga techniques, such as Mantra repetition and Kriyas (cleansing techniques). The Sacred Fig Principles of Teaching & Personal Development. The Sacred Fig 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training will transform you in every sense of the word. 5 Elements Yoga believes in experiential learning of all taught concepts and techniques of traditional yoga so expect to practice a lot and get hands-on from the first day. For her, the practice of yoga asana teaches us to not only broaden the breath, but also to expand stillness within ourselves. Over the course of the training, expect one rest day, as well as one afternoon off. April 2019. Portugal Portugal The Teacher Training: May 1-24, 2021 The Retreat: Aug 7-14, 2021. 7 Day Inspirational 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal. The training is held at two locations, the first two weeks are in Columbia, a small village with lots of garden space and a pool. Nourish. And so we emphasize things like personal development, confidence, and speech (and we’ll bust some myths about alignment, too). A sense of openness & a desire to learn are truly the most important things you can bring to this training. This is a unique and transformative training program, with fully accredited and inspiring teachers, registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hours teacher training. Check out this gorgeous 90 second video of Cocoon, which was actually filmed during one of our teacher trainings! She is trained in the alchemy of the 5 Elements through Yoga, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Counselling, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (Visceral Massage) with over 1500 hours of certified yoga studies. Ghent, Belgium Check out this 60 second video, which peeks into our teacher trainings. Portugal is full of great options to do your yoga teacher training. And if you’re fortunate enough to find this light source, it’s a gift. I could stay here for another 5 months, and I'm already thinking about doing their 500 hours!! This realization inspired her to deepen her commitment to development projects, both locally and abroad with the belief that the ultimate goals of yoga are not intended to be confined to the mat. Inspiro Yoga Portugal– Inspiro Yoga is the best school for yoga teacher training in Portugal if you are a keen learner of Vinyasa Yoga. The staff is very helpful, the juices are addictive and the beach is not far away. From the world class faculty to the property grounds & shala, and the amazing morning asana. Below is a list of required reading, as well as a list of optional recommended reading. Strong coffee & herbal teas are available after lunch. I was blown away by what I received from this course. Bring these notes to the training – we will collect them from you upon arrival. As you move inland, golden rolling hillsides give way to a rugged coastline, traditional whitewashed villages, and majestic medieval towns. Cocoon has 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. You can have a room with an en-suite bathroom, or share a bathroom between two rooms. And so as yoga practitioners and teachers, we strive for the extraordinary, so that we may serve as a beacon of possibility for those around us. A basic familiarity of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Primary Series. +91-9810670711 Contact Us Anton has thought of every last detail, allowing for a smooth, challenging, & rewarding yoga teacher training. Upon completing the course, you will earn a 200-hour Yoga Alliance approved RYT Certificate. Find the best Portugal Vinyasa yoga training certifications including 100, 200, 300 & 500 hours Vinyasa yoga teacher courses.Become a Vinyasa Yoga instructor by attending one of these institutes that teach Vinyasa yoga trainings in Portugal. Sofia Araujo is a yoga teacher, therapist, chef and writer that shares an enthusiastic passion for holistic health and movement education. The afternoon session is hands-on. Sep 4, 2020 – May 2, 2021 . ), Become a Sacred Fig Yoga Teacher Book Now. It's also pure magic, where between the oversized hammocks and the freshwater lake, you'll start to lose track of time. The world is (finally) catching on to Alentejo. Food is most often organic + local. A Portugal yoga teacher training will help you learn how to teach yoga in the most effective way. Once you attended every class on the course, passed your final exam and successfully led a 75-minute yoga class, you`ll gain your Yoga Alliance approved certification. The theory and philosophy of yoga are carefully selected to deepen your own practice and help you form your own opinion about some key modern concepts and debates in yoga. You`ll gain a tool kit that will help you find your voice and your calling as a yoga teacher. Satsang practices will vary day to day. Strong coffee & herbal teas are available from sunrise. The Sacred Fig Education is specifically geared to direct trainees to discover their authentic voice. In the last few years she started focusing on developing yoga curriculums and programs for women where she shares her knowledge and experience of 18 years as a yoga student and teacher of teachers. Her ability to listen people through their movements, breath rhythms and nature cycles is what makes her a skilful yoga therapist, teacher and holistic health counselor. Certified Yoga Alliance 200hrs Mindful Moves Yoga Teacher Training, Algarve, Portugal. Full payment must be made by Nov 1, 2020. Our unique Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour teacher training programs aim to bring the best teachers from the East and the West together, allowing our students to have a beautiful, life-changing yoga experience. I feel like I'll retain the information long after I leave the course. As one could dedicate years to yoga philosophy, we hone-in on key traditional philosophical concepts. Traditional farming here is a way of life. The course is held in two 10-day sessions and is divided into eight modules following the lines of the eight limbs of yoga by The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The cookies are to ensure that your experience is optimal. An individual’s journey inward must ultimately lead back outward, to engagement with the community. With more than 1+ YTT courses available, easily compare prices, reviews, organizers and destinations of all courses in Portugal. The intensive format allows you to fully dedicate yourself to a transformational practice and journey. With 5 Elements Yoga, you`ll have the opportunity to avail of authentic Indian yoga mentoring with an Indian teacher and receive a certificate from the Yoga Alliance upon completion of your course. Lunch is typically lighter, like a bowl of ancient grains. We utilize technology, for example, via video feedback, as another layer to the learning process. The Sacred Fig Yoga Teacher Trainings produce confident, knowledgeable, articulate, and empowered yoga teachers. Before noon, you`ll practice pranayama and meditation techniques every day, and later on, the lectures will be about yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, alignment and anatomy and of course asana practice. After Nov 1, rate goes up to $4700. There’s no memorization, no mimicry, and no script. You have many options to find a course near the beach or in nature, so go ahead and check out the top schools in Portugal below. BECOME YOGA TEACHER IN PORTUGAL. Yes, demonstrating, assisting, and adjusting students is certainly covered. All food will be vegan and gluten-free to support the detoxification of the body. Throughout the course, you will focus on the foundational knowledge you need in order to create your own sequences so instead of learning set sequences you`ll learn how to be creative and intuitive with your flows. ), Rising Strong, by Brené Brown. All the anatomical principles learned in the training are applicable to yoga asana practice in a real-life setting, in terms of healthy & sustainable movement patterns, benefits, and contraindications.