Call 978-407-1351 or email to book your date. Central District Fishing Report — Pamlico, Craven, Carteret and Onslow Counties . It felt great to get the first and second tunas of the season checked off the list early. Pick your days and get setup with the write equipment and knowledge, and you can catch bluefin tuna. Catch rates are low, so do not be discouraged if you struggle at first. We launched in Chatham around 4 AM and were underway with a fleet of buddy boats. Subscribe to our Free Fishing Reports. by KENNY PRIEST / Fishing the North Coast “The Chetco hit 5,000 [cubic feet per second] and blew out Sunday evening, but was fishable again Monday as flows dropped back below 3,500 cfs,” said Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. Sleeping out on the canyon, being so far from land and in over 2,000-feet of water, is definitely a unique experience. 10 talking about this. Catch reporting. The fog was thick around the cut all the way to crab ledge. Upon arrival, every boat we saw were hooked up. Local pros deploy an array of vertical jigs on high-speed reels to horse in bluefin tuna up to the 80-pound class. Bluefin tuna are a prized sport fish to many anglers. A damaged leader means a break off every time, Clean your leaders with rubbing alcohol and stretch your new leaders to remove any kinks, Check your bait and leader every 30 minutes to ensure bait is still swimming and leader is clean, Make sure your bait is swimming perfectly. You can research charters boats and find out which captains catch the most Bluefin. Bluefin Tuna. The Pacifica out of Seaforth also returned on Veteran’s Day with a big catch of 26 bluefin including 2 over 200 pounds. We were second guessing making the trip to the Sword, but ultimately decided to keep going. In most cases, you can report using any of these options: Online at the HMS Permit Shop Via the Catch Reporting app Bluefin Reports; Top Bluefin; Daily Bluefin; YTD Bluefin; Photos; Records. Come experience the thrill of fishing the elusive giant bluefin tuna on board the Li’l Miss Maddy or All For A Buck out of North Lake, PEI - the “Tuna Capital of the World”! We put our baits right back down and were tight within 15 minutes again. In these conditions, you can target the bluefin tuna using a combination of chunking and jigging. Found in the western side of the Atlantic Ocean off North Carolina, the December Bluefin are here and reports of good catches are already appearing since the season officially opened on December 1st. Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester MA. We put baits down and immediately went tight on a nice 68” bluefin which we decided to harvest. The results of a bluefin bite is usually getting spooled on the typical 20 pound test tackle. Chetco Fishing Report. Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge Fishing Show gives a full breakdown of his recommended setup for offshore fishing rods, reels, and line for every size class of bluefin tuna. … We hit a few waves well over 4-feet, launching the 32st contender airborn, launching me out of my bean bag. Them boys from FV Slayride, Carson and Jordan, had a wild year out on the tuna grounds. ... “Run and Gun” Bluefin Tuna Fishing with Team GOOSE. Trophy Bluefin. Sign Up. Here’s their write-up from the 2020 tuna season. Gloucester Massachusetts is centrally located to some of the most productive Bluefin Tuna Fishing grounds that New England has to offer. Upon arrival, every boat we saw were hooked up. Tuna fishing is a specialty of Captain Gary, who has been giant bluefin tuna fishing since the ’70’s, owner/captain of Tuna Hunter, Gloucester MA, since 1984. Moments after we landed that fish we went tight on another sword in the mid-60s. With commercial season being closed we cleanly released the tuna. Bluefin tuna traditionally show up on the North Carolina coast in December through early winter, and according Fish Whistle Fishing Charters of Morehead City’s … Every year we learn a bit about tuna fishing and this year we got our tuna game on point. BlueFin Fishing, we specialize in fishing with small groups and families with young fishermen. In five minutes, we were tight. It’s Tackle Tip Thursday! The good news is that these fish are readily biting a fly-lined sardine, so you don’t need to drop flat falls all night or wait for your turn in the kite rotation. Welcome to the official Bluefin Tuna website. This action applies to commercial Atlantic Tunas General category permitted vessels and to Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Charter/Headboat category permitted vessels with a commercial sale endorsement when fishing commercially for bluefin tuna. Fishing The 2020 Big Game Battle. The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus) is arguably the mightiest ocean game-fish, competing with the Blue Marlin for such a title. Tuna. Nobody anticipates the couple of bites per year from a 500-1,000 pound behemoth. The central area of the coast has become known for its Atlantic bluefin tuna fishery. We have a complete directory of all the charter boats. First is a Flat Fall 200g and higher. We have detailed information about the Bluefin Tuna. To make a reservation on any of our fishing trips BOOK ONLINE or call us at (949) 496-5794. A recent trip on the Tomahawk returned with 73 bluefin from 15 to 125-pounds, with the majority of them in the 40-pound class. Cape Cod Fishing Report for Tuesday November 17th. All Tuna Fishing Reports. Salmon fishing has been sketchy this week in Monterey Bay, but remains strong near Half Moon Bay, Pacifica and along the Marin Coast. Today we have Searcher Team member Justin talking Bluefin Tuna lures. 976-TUNA The Original Leader in Fish Reports, #1 since 1985! We put baits down and immediately went tight on a nice 68” bluefin which we decided to harvest. The next morning, we landed three yellow fin tuna over 50-inches. We provide fish reports for San Diego County Lakes. In April, pockets of bluefin tuna were verified on the central California coast near San Simeon, and then two weeks ago, they showed up off Monterey. When water temps hit the high 70s during the New Jersey summer, the bluefin will often move down deep below the thermocline. Recreational fishermen with an HMS Charter/Headboat or HMS Angling permit must report swordfish and billfish landings, as well as bluefin tuna landings and dead discards, within 24 hours of returning from a trip. Bradley and Tony MacDonald have years of experience in the bluefin tuna fishery and will do their best to put a tuna on the line for you!. In addition to... Continue reading → The guys arrived home this morning from their 2.5 day trip with 44 Bluefin Tuna, 9 bluefin were over the 100lb mark including one super cow weighing in at 341lbs. The biggest news for this week, and maybe for this year or even this decade is- Bluefin tuna on the bite from Carmel to Half Moon Bay. The newest source of Bluefin Tuna Fish Reports Information includes fish counts, live audios, current schedules, and more! Popular with anglers looking for Tuna (Bluefin) fishing charters in New Jersey You set off on a Classic Mako (cuddy cabin) model from 1983. San Diego Fish Report Fish Report for 11-11-2020. “Fishing was slow for the plunkers, in part. Dana Wharf Sportfishing in Dana Point, CA offers high quality fishing adventures for all types of anglers. ... Identifying Bluefin vs. Yellowfin Tuna. Weekly updated fishing reports on the sportfishing in the Chatham,MA and the Cape Cod area.Reports on inshore,flats,rips & offshore areas for … Our bluefin tuna season started relatively early as we began searching around Cape Cod in early June. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All Rights Reserved. Learn how to identify and distinguish the differences between bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna with these pointers. Tuna Hunter is a consistent highliner through the years, as this is Gary’s focus and passion. Our first two fish came on the fourth of July. By press time, no post-wind event reports were available from the outer banks with the likely exception of the Aztec out of Seaforth, which returned from a 3-day Sunday. Justin gives us the run down on all the must-haves to stock up on for bluefin tuna. Our normal species are here in abundance and inshore fishing is productive. All reports are with in 24-48 hours to give you the best information and location of where the fish are; saving you money on fuel and increase your catch rate! Landing in San Diego, CA checked in with us today. Within a very short period of time after leaving the marina you will be fishing for wahoo, mahi, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, sharks and more. The boat is 23ft long and it is fitted with two 2018 Yamaha 4 strokes engines that can reach speeds of 30 knots. Use a sturdy rod with a high-quality reel and test line when fishing for a giant bluefin tuna. Having no more luck with the swords, we prepared spreader bars for the morning. Ocean: There will be plenty of excellent fishing opportunities onboard charter boats during the winter. Second is the Colt-sniper of all sizes Tackle Tip Thursday is here! World Record; IGFA Record; Other Fish. We made a handful of trips that were unsuccessful. These guys are the newest members of Team Seven Stripes, let us know if you want to be part of the team. Long Island – New York Fishing Report – December 10, 2020 "Endless" striper action, bluefish are still in the mix, 180-pound bluefin, solid tog fishing, jumbo black sea bass to 6-pounds, and cod to 8-pounds. The report from the last few trips has been the same as all the other reports, just fantastic fishing with all the fish you want and more. Check out the top ten Bluefin of the year. The only problem with fishing for giant bluefin in Miami is that most boats are fishing light tackle year round. 976-TUNA Southern California Source from San Diego To San Francisco Fish Reports. Gary’s tuna landings span the eastern seaboard. We did have a few fish under the hundred pound mark (5), and we ended the day with limits of Bluefin tuna and 40 nice grade Yellowtail. Boating. Fishing Boat Buyer’s Guide Discover what’s available for a new year and a new season of boating and fishing. Humpback Whales at the Regal Sword East of Chatham. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. In addition we provide daily boat by boat fish counts for the entire San Diego Sportfishing Fleet. let us know if you want to be part of the team, Constantly check your leaders for damage. We are still looking for fish, but our passengers are just beat down. by OTW Staff. Always bridle baits with either a small rubber band or a needle and floss. Every year we learn a bit about tuna fishing and this year we got our tuna game on point. The trip to East Atlantis Canyon was approximately 140 miles. Giant Bluefin Tunas Attacking Mackerel | Filmed Underwater. Bluefin “BANG” Hello everyone; Well we had good Bluefin tuna fishing, with most of the fish in the 140 to over 200 pounds. There were a couple boats around also deep dropping but we hadn’t hear of any bites. We left around 4pm and made it to our spot in three hours, running the last hour in the dark (which can be very risky). As we got to the canyon, prepared to deep drop for sword fish. The Bluefin tuna wanted to cooperate and we were... more » Hey, you might even get a chance at a sailfish. A well-bridled bait swims more naturally and ensures a better hookup ratio, You don’t need a $100,000 boat to catch tuna. Welcome to the most comprehensive fishing website for San Diego, CA. You can catch bluefin tuna by trolling with rigged natural baits, such as artificial squid, or chunks of prey, like mackerel. Join Tuna Hunter for bluefin tuna fishing this weekend – Aug 30th Sept 1 and Sept 2 – at the perfect prime of the Gloucester bluefin tuna season. This was one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Today we have Captain... © 2020. Contact: Andrew Valmassoi or Travis Williams ( / Winter 2020-2021. After about 45 minutes we had a 100” class bluefin swimming alongside the boat. This one was a bit of a longer fight. We found the life early and stuck with the whales all morning when we finally got a bite around 10 AM. It’s Tackle Tip Thursday! This was our most successful season, catching over 15 recreational fish and many fish well over the 100″ mark. After around an hour we had another 100”+ fish boat side. Home; Fish Reports. Learn how your comment data is processed. We will take you deep sea fishing, swimming with the turtles or combination of both. Hello anglers, Yesterday we were able to put together a good day. Captain Rob has many years of experience and will take time to show you how it is done. After a couple great trips in July, we decided to push the limits of our 21’ boat and go see what the Regal Sword had to offer. We’ll be doing a podcast to talk about tuna tips in the next few weeks. Bluefin tuna fishing is prime right now – and we just got a cancellation that opens Aug 30th and Sept 1.  This was our most successful season, catching over 15 recreational fish and many fish well over the 100″ mark. A 74 inch sword appeared below the boat, glowing bright blue and purple. Gain access to the most up to date, detailed, and well informed fishing reports from me and my crew with included gps numbers. Here’s what we learned: In late September, we set out for the Canyons with Edged Up Fishing. We offer 1/2 day trips, 3/4 Day trips, Catalina Island trips and much much more! Ali spends all his time offshore fishing hunting bluefin tuna when the time is right, so this breakdown is catered for offshore, however, there is certainly some carry over when it comes to inshore.