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Strong healthy luscious hair is the dream of women of all ages. This homemade antiseptic wash made with tamarind leaves has amazing medicinal uses. Tamarind leaves are useful in healing wounds thanks to the antiseptic properties present in it. Research performed on this fruit has shown that is you apply tamarind pulp liquid to your scalp, then you’ll activate your hair cells and as such you’ll help the growth of your hair. Apart from its culinary uses, it is also used for treating minor ills and ailments. 2. 3. African tribes in Ghana use the leaves of tamarind to treat malaria . It has a lot of benefits to treat and cure several health, skin and hair ailment such as weight loss, reduce the risk of cancer, increase digestion etc. Cut tamarind into two part, then rub them on that snake bite. This fruit also has a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial properties ( 10 ). The tamarind tree grows in tropical areas and is native to Africa, although it has now spread to Asia and America. Dry cough medicine Solve snake bite; If you got snake bite, you must use tamarind soon. Tamarind is mostly used for making chutneys, candies, and pickles etc. Tamarind fruit and leaves have a clear sweet to bitter feel that makes them popular in South Asian cuisine. Boil water in a pan and once it comes to boil, add all the tamarind leaves at once. 4. Tamarind contains a lot of properties that are enriched with vitamin C, antioxidant, packed with minerals, magnesium, potassium etc. This remedy is called Tamarind Hair Wash. If your hair is wavy, fine, and starting to look on the frizzy or dry side, this spray-on leave-in conditioner is the ideal formula for you. Reduce hair loss with tamarind. It can be used for cuts, wounds, allergies, skin infections, scrapes and is very effective in treating and healing wounds naturally. 5 Amazing Skin, Hair & Health Benefits & Medicinal Uses of Neem Leaves: 1. Switch off the flame and wait for it to cool a bit. Today I am going to do a DIY remedy to grow your hair long. Collect fresh tamarind leaves. Tamarind is a good remedy for hair loss. When the juice of tamarind leaves are applied on the wound, it tends to heal faster. The leaves, beans, bark, and wood of the tamarind tree have a wide variety of uses. Tamarind Leaf Compress: METHOD: 1. Not only that, the juice also serves to prevent infections and parasitic growth which are common in wounds. Now remove the leaves from the water and place it over a cotton cloth. Whether you suffer a bad haircut or you want to grow your hair long for marriage function, you need some remedies which work quickly and effectively. Prevent Hair Loss; The way is massaging head with tamarind before you shampoo. Boil till the color of the leaves changes. Tamarind is used for hair growth as well, due to its properties of providing the right nutrients to the roots of the hair, by simply soaking the tamarind in water and washing your hair through using the tamarind water, gives the fastest results of hair growth. The extracts of tamarind fruits, leaves, flowers and bark are also used for cosmetic purposes - in body lotions and henna based hair dyes etc. A very good day to all. Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L) is a perennial tree belonging to the Legumes family, like chickpeas or lentils. 3. Neem Leaves Antiseptic Wash. You may also read benefits fish oil for hair loss. Fashion Body Makeup Weight Loss Looks Skin Beauty & DIY Hair Then mix a little water when you massage.