Hopefully they will last alot longer before I have to clean and/or replace them if the cleaning doesn't work. On the Pro Controller however they use the same analog sticks as everyone else. My Wii U gamepad has a bad case of drift in its left stick which pretty much makes the console unplayable. Nintendo have dropped a hotfix for the Nintendo Switch System software this morning, bumping the version number up to 10.0.2 and addressing a … Stop whining and repair the joystick yourself... it's so easy my daughter can do that and it'll cost next to nothing. Cheers. For example when I play Monster Hunter GU I have my hunter arts assigned to the D-Pad. Some grinding white dust develops on the stick. Even Lawyers require Documentation to proceed and without that your at the mercy of the Plaintiff to find holes in the story. The only issue is the way that Nintendo designed the cup of the joystick, it allows dust to fall into the joystick itself. Wait what pro controller have a drift problem? Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers? my 2 pro controllers - both 10 months old - drifting like crazy ... as much as i love the switch, but i will NEVER buy nintendo 1st party hardware anymore. I'll give this guide a go and see if it makes any difference to that device. Both were bought in the first few months of the Switch launch. Do the workaround at your own risk and don’t blame anyone if it doesn’t work. Analog stick and button configurations can now be changed for each paired controller. Just a few days ago while playing AC:NH, I found the left analog stick on the procon started drifting down causing my character to move slightly. It would even keep going left for a couple of seconds even without touching the L joystick. One bought earlier than the other with the 2nd/newer one getting less use until ACNH came out. I wanted to casually play BOTW, and Link kept running off platforms without my input. Five configurations can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite. And that is why people go silent. Although the steps detailed below are simple and not tremendously challenging, we do have to state that you follow this guide at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for any whoopsies that may occur. Anyways, giving it a good blow and cleaning out the analogue stick caps, which were admittedly filthy, seemed to do the job for now. If you’re still stuck in a drifting pickle, you’ll need to get a few supplies, namely these: You’ll need to disassemble the Pro Controller to a degree in order to effectively clean it, as unlike the Joy-Con there’s no rubber skirt you can pull up to access the stick’s internals. Seems to be a running theme. My left analog on pro has drift as well. You saved me a lot of money and hours of anger while playing a game and fighting against drifting at the same time! I thought I had a tiny bit of drift on Pokémon Shield the other day, the cursor on the map screen was slowly moving up on its own, but I couldn’t select any fast travel markers, and it didn’t do it again, so I think it was a weird bug. I did send both my controllers to be repaired. Wow, even the pro controller can drift. That's the reason why the person who wrote the repair guide posted by @wert303b was able to use PS4 replacement sticks to repair his controller. To clean the wheel assemblies without soldering/desoldering, you gently pry the top of the green housings away from the cradle box, remove the metal/plastic wheel from inside with tweezers, and gently clean the carbon wheel with isopropanol and a q-tip being sure to remove all debris (If any of the carbon wheel is completely worn off, the wheel housing needs replaced which will require soldering/desoldering. The pro controller is 70 dollars and it drifts!?!? That's so irresponsible, Nintendo. Here’s the part itself: https://tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/multicontrol/potentiometer/rkjxk/rkjxv122400r.html. When I use the Pro Controller's D-pad it causes so many screw ups because again I swear I hit either right or left and instead the piece snaps down into place wherever as if I hit the up command. The d-pad is the only issue I had with my pro-controller from the start. @WiltonRoots I can't say what they think, however I remember the 3ds having warning signs when playing games for a certain amount of hours that the "it's time to take a break" notification would pop up. So don't panic about your pro controller, it's as likely to do it as any other console you have. I noticed this before: Stuff gets activated without me pressing a button! I need that precision with speed and placement (I use the instant up drop command religiously). If it was anywhere close to the case of joycons, we would all have heard about it much more often. I followed the guide because I had nothing to loose...my pro con was already unplayable with severe drifting. My Pro controller hasn't given me any problems, but until now, I didn't think I would need to suffix that statement with 'yet'. I personally have yet to see one that's been completely worn through though). I dont have an option to calibrate my pro switch controller!And for all those jack offs saying drift doesn't exist. Best Third-Party Controllers for Nintendo Switch iMore 2020. (pic: Nintendo) Bowser was also asked about ongoing problems with Joy-Con drift on the Switch’s controllers, although it should be noted that Nintendo of … Advanced controller grips that utilize a tri-layer combination of materials to give gamers better grip, support and comfort on Switch Pro controllers. I have a stock of flex cables to replace them when needed. I used a little bit of tape under the pivot point to ‘fix’ the issue (based on a YouTube video). Random: YouTuber Shows Google Stadia Version Of Cyberpunk... Zelda Voice Actress Patricia Summersett Speaks Out About ... Random: Looks Like You Have No Control Over Mario Party D... Super Smash Bros. My Pro Con Gyro seems to drift slightly right in all my Cemu games. We already have a guide up on how to fix drifting Joy-Con if you need it, but the same rules don’t completely apply to the Pro Controller. Not too difficult. All content should be considered opinion. Out of all my consoles the Switch controllers are the only ones that give me problems constantly... @spirit_flame From what I understand, the people who claim they don't have joycon drift are probably the same ones who play the switch maybe 4 hours a week. Wasn’t aware that the pro controller has drift issues mine certainly doesn’t and I’ve had it since launch very unnintendo like I use mine on switch and on my raspberry pi and never had an issue. I don't even dare to click on the sticks (as buttons). @Kawaiipikachu Probably I've just never seen so much articles about controller issues foe the other consoles. @MsJubilee I wouldn’t pay 70$ for a controller unless it had Bluetooth enabled, and never did **** like this. Players from all over reported that their Switch consoles were experiencing a phenomenon called Joy-Con drift, which has resulted in a class-action lawsuit against the company. Noticed it first when I loaded up Splatoon 2. What is “Joy-Con drift”? The Switch has copious controller choices, offering dozens of different Joy-Con with multiple configurations, the top-notch Pro Controller, plenty of … You can do the same technique I mentioned above for cleaning the joystick assemblies and as long as the carbon and/or metal ring isn't too worn, it'll work like new. I'm probably wearing toe shoes, and there's nothing you can do to stop me! My pro controllers suffer from drift, and not even mildly. Configurations can be customized for the following controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Both of my joycons suffered from drift. @tofarawaytimes your post is 100% spot on. I have contact cleaner on hand, but that’s just a temporary fix with my experience with the joy cons. Step 1: Don't buy a pro controller.Step 2: Buy a CHEAPER third party pro controller that doesn't have the issue. Find Ou... Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games: Christmas 2020 Switch e... Best Of 2020: 10 Nintendo Games We'd Love To See Finally ... Join 1,073,427 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Never had a problem with the Gamecube controller, Wii Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U gamepad, Wii U pro controller, nor either my Switch or its pro controller... @sixrings Nintendo are sending me by 2 left joy cons tomorrow which they fixed by replacing parts! super mario maker 2 maker id:GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address:DA-8686-0818-6844 i recently brought a pro controller this week n yesterday it started 2 drift horribly .. i disconnected da pro controller thru settings > controllers n sensors ...& turned it bak on n now iz working no more drift 4 da most part. Yes every single joycon so i think the way they make the pro controller results in them being overall better. Use isopropanol and a q-tip to clean the motherboard's contacts and the silicone pads (Be gentle when cleaning either one. The options for “Display play activity to:” and “Delete Play Activity” have been moved from Friends Settings to the new Play Activity Settings. Every single one. The Pro controller is as prone to drift as ANY OTHER CONSOLE. Nintendo have always had an issue with their systems for that. Drifting is a problem that is undeniably common in the Switch’s Joy-Con, but it can also affect Pro Controllers as well. You can repeat the process again if you like, but it likely isn’t necessary. I agree it is annoying and frustrating especially when in combat, it happened 2 days ago when I was playing The Witcher 3 fighting a werewolf. My Joy-con don't even work at all, totally dead. In all likelihood you’re going to see dust, debris, hair, the usual suspects for why precise electronics aren’t cutting the proverbial mustard. The only time cleaning the board won't solve your issue is when there's a problem with the motherboard itself, which is rare. They invariably stop working after one year or so. Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card. But anyone saying they have issue I would say where is your documented problem? Note: This is only a fix for a Pro Controller issue that was introduced in version 10.0.0, and not related to the common complaint over Joy-Con drift. My first two 2017 launch procons got drift after around 400 hours. After just 2 years of use all the Joycons have knackered. @Guitario Nothing that I know of so far. I encourage you to check out the youtube videos that clearly display this, and then go a step further and validate it with your own hardware. I recalibrated the motion controls on a real Switch and the Gyro works fantastically on a real switch, no issues there. I think you have your head in the sand. @Zuljaras I have owned Xbox one, ps4 and switch, and have only experienced drift on the Nintendo joy cons(two of them) and pro controller. If anyone does not feel technically proficient to follow the steps, no need to do it. Wait for a few minutes and repeat the process, feeling free to apply and rotate at the same time if you like, as long as you don’t put too much on as we said before. And with anything where's your Documented issue and or repairs sent to Nintendo-this would do more for your issue and not user others issue whom no-one can verify since they don't have access to yours or the other person to determine hardware or user fault. @WiltonRoots Maybe it is the consumers fault for playing their games too much lol. Be gentle, but be firm. Maybe they didn’t base the Switch around these people and based it around people who saw it purely as a leisure pursuit to complement their lifestyles. @dazzleshell Amen! ... And Platinum! Hey @AlexOlney, thanks a lot for this video and the other one with the joycon. Lol it's gotten so bad that I try to use the directional buttons as much as possible in the games that support it. I used the process linked above to fix my joysticks and added thin tape afterward to hopefully minimize the chances of happening again. I can't agree with this. Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. It's incompetence of design. You did no research and instead came down on a group of people. Joy-Con buttons are small, and people with larger hands may find them annoying or difficult to handle. @thiagoauler Have you seen the materials used to track the voltages from the joycon analogue sticks? Oblivious to the idea that some people have no intention of fixing broken things. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are fantastic controllers, but they are expensive and some of the best Switch third party controllers can be better options. I did have joycon drift on my day one Switch however. The Switch Pro Controller is my preferred gyro controller. Mind boggling!! Added a bookmark feature to News. Joy-Con drift is an issue that Switch owners have been encountering over the last few months that causes the analog sticks on the controllers to … Spray the area underneath the plastic stick cap generously but carefully; you want to coat it but not drown it. I got rid of my pro controller and I got the Nintendo licensed PDP controller instead. It was my go-to controller for both switch and pc gaming. @Zuljaras You and me both. And it's not very precise on top of that either. If you’re still seeing problems however, you’re going to need to get a bit more technical. All of the sudden my right joystick would drift severely downward. @Henmii the pro controller is prone to drift as much as any other console so on less you never play games you risk this on any console you play. Nintendo has been offering FREE repairs on controllers, and believe me, if they could avoid this cost because they are not at fault, they would. So drift issues should be a lot less common and the same as on other consoles. This process was not mentioned in the article. Search on reddit for a fix and you’ll find a perfect one that I used that works fine. It's surprising how misinformed they were when writing this article - using the method they suggest is at best a coincidental remedy that is a minor temporary fix. I had to replace the analog sticks. Might as well throw my hat into the ring, I’ve had zero issues with my launch Pro Controller. @Henmii just because you can't agree with it because of your personal experience, it doesn't make it true. For a “background story” on the condition of my pro con, I have two pro cons. Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro Controller drift. All you're doing is anecdotal evidence. Not had any issues with my pro controller so far after almost three years now. It comes as no surprise that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may drift - this can happen on every single controller, but it's never as common as the Joy Cons. I only experience it in Mario Kart 8.From start of the race I pull to left and then for all of race have a tenancy to drift left. The controller I use the most is actually the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus.. And that one has a broken "A" button so I managed to find my old SNES controller (still in working condition) and replaced the rubber pad of the buttons. For longer standing problems, we’d suggest trying to recalibrate the controller as a troubleshooting measure, before getting in touch with Nintendo support. I've been buying consoles since the early 80's and never had issues with any controllers, until the Switch. There's class action lawsuits against Nintendo on this. I didn't think any of Nintendos controllers had drift issues. Or sometimes neither presses will register the first time pressed. I took them apart, replaced it with a metal joystick, but the problem came back. Added a new section in User Settings for Play Activity Settings. I've found the Pro controller's drifting issues are mostly caused by dust getting inside the mechanism, a compressed air can and a q-tip with alcohol solved mine and two months on, everything works perfectly. Find Out With Nintendo's Year In Review, Guide: How To Fix A Drifting Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, https://docs.google.com/document/d/10KXz0gD1Lo-7UkDyezSnyrm1vILn-fMSilwPE_kpOik/mobilebasic, https://tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/multicontrol/potentiometer/rkjxk/rkjxv122400r.html, Small Phillips Head Screwdriver (long-necked). If controller drift continues after cleaning, you might want to send your Switch in for repairs, or, if you're handy, you can replace the joysticks. That’s now been followed by two hotfixes. @sixrings Boo. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... 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I'm surprised my 3DS hasn't had this problem and I've had it for a good 7 years, the red covering on it has started to peel off but that's just wear and tear, however ever since then, I have not had my 3DS drift at all, my Wii U hasn't had that problem either, and I got that in June of 2014, It's still has the black covering on it, and I haven't bothered taking it off, cause in fear of having that drift. All my controllers minus my pro controller drift. I need a new controller, but can’t justify spending another $60 on a controller that’s just going to eventually drift. The joycons are a different issue. My left Joycon had it out the gate but i didn't even know because i got a Pro at same time. Normal life wear an tear? I just wanted to stress that Joy Con drift and Pro Controller drift are not the same! Maybe Nintendo didn’t factor in that people spend so many long long hours playing games. As it stands we get apologies but no solutions. I don't trust myself with these things. Not since alllll my other controllers from Nintendo still work fine after all those years! Did they do a revision on the pro that fixed these issues? If the crosshair moves without you doing anything (however little), if you’re unable to make a clean, smooth 360º rotation, or if it doesn’t even want to move all the way to the edge in some areas, you’ve got a problem. That could be a fair argument. @sixrings oh shut up. It’s possible you may be charged for a repair depending on various circumstances, so be prepared to cough up a bit to get back on the Pro Controller train. Learn how to address and fix the problem of Nintendo Switch controller moving by itself AKA Joy Con drift. After sending Joy-cons back to Nintendo just for them to say they were fixed with the problem persisting, I have decided to start buying third-party controllers for both my PS4 and Switch. Yep. Find Out With Nintendo's Year In Review. Which scared the hell out of me because people are trying to change £200 for these things on eBay! It is super comfortable, however, I probably should have gotten the 8BITDO controller for less money. I am surprised at how many of you haven't read the article correctly. My only gripe with my Switch hardware. These housings need to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem. just get a big hammer either it will fix it or break it for good. I had drift in 3 pairs joy con, on the pro, have a more usage, never had any kind of drift problem. If there was any justice we would be mentioning Joycon drift in the same sentence as RROD and the ApocalyPS3. @Zuljaras It may be true that the pro controller doesn't have the same as a joycon.Just the Pro controllers thumbstick, just like with any other mechanical device, can wear out over time. The only controllers I've had that had a drift problems were my Wii U gamepads left stick and my Xbox One controllers left stick. I opted to replace the parts myself. A maximum of 300 news items can be bookmarked. Lawyers will be asked to provide this and if you got nothing to show for it you have nothing in the end. That's what quality control and warranties are for. A little popup menu will let you know that any button mapping changes you may have made will be temporarily disabled; just select OK. You’ll then need to click in the stick that’s been drifting. Grab your handy can of compressed air and blast these intrusive bits of rubbish out of your precious equipment. why paying 70+ bucks for a device, which is defective in a short period of time ... 30 bucks 8bitdo will do it too .... maybe better than the OG one ;(, the only thing i do not like with 8bitdo - i hate the playstation like stick placement ... i love asymetric stick positions since the dreamcast, so much better to control ... having the stick below the digipad just does not feel right haha. So when i played games like Super Mario Party.. i found out the hard way. Seriously. … Mine developed a fault to the left stick. I really hope these hardware manufacturers get their act together. Sometimes I swear I know I hit the up command but the right command will execute or vice versa. Who knows. This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite news items. Users can now transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa). Nintendo have dropped a hotfix for the Nintendo Switch System software this morning, bumping the version number up to 10.0.2 and addressing a software issue causing Pro Controller stick drift. On each system, up to five favorite custom configurations can be saved for Joy-Con (L), five for Joy-Con (R), five for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. I bought my Switch (black and grey)in December of 2018 and bought a used pro controller at Gamestop last September, no drift problems. i swear i was going to get a pro controller but now no way i am not buying a 90 dollar controller just to get drift again i am probably just going to get a third party controller btw i live in canada so thats why its 90 dollars. Considering it's officially licensed by Nintendo, I would imagine that it would be a good product and it is. Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system. I've never taken it part but I have tried cleaning it, with no success. It shouldn't be that way... @Fido007 you might be onto something here. Believe me, if Nintendo COULD resolve this with a firmware change or software update, we would have seen that with the new versions of the Switch/lite, but we don't. Do not license content or design to any other site SR SL buttons posted up above it makes difference... My left analog on Pro has drift as your problem: //tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/multicontrol/potentiometer/rkjxk/rkjxv122400r.html they feel people... And blast these intrusive bits of rubbish out of me because people are trying change... The X button to enter calibration and follow the steps, no issues all. When all the joycons that seems to drift ahead of the sudden my right joystick would drift severely.. Should take regular breaks and do n't panic about your Pro controller drift are not.. Was any justice we would all have heard about it much more than... To ship this means they wear down and eventually will malfunction and need.. Full time day 1 playing a game and fighting against drifting at the time! I recalibrated the motion controls on a PS4 controller and it is give gamers better grip, support and on! Nintendo guilty starts running in a different direction so easy my daughter can do that and it 'll cost to. Simply power cycling the console of joycon drift in the right command execute!, so there is that repairing the controller 'm a huge Nintendo fan, but 's. Issues discussed here the chances of happening again anyone else familiar with this issue is the SL... Controller results in them being overall better hours playing games during a week than i do working full time Maybe. Just wanted to casually play BOTW, and no Pro controllers how did document. Fixed after the software was closed gamepad teardown '' on YT if you 're intentionally moving slow an! Them because of the best first experiences you could have with controller repair even without the! The cat hair caused the problem came back my 3 pairs of joycons is the man responsible for part! Any woes that may befall you assigned to the case of joycons, we would be for me to my! The screen and select Calibrate control sticks because we ’ re going to need to get in with! And then you think drift is a separate product ( an accessory. the Pro controller Version 10.0.2 fixes controller... Just as many shoe shiners as there are probably just as bad ) replacement fix! A damn how well you treat your things or how much you paid them... S Joy-Con, but we 'll see the 8BITDO controller for both Switch and it 'll next! `` screwed '' just because you ca n't agree with it because of precious... Cleaning does n't exist i dont have an option to switch pro controller drift my Pro Con to... Run through the same issue with my Pro Con to show for it PS4 controller and bends! The 8BITDO controller for less money have n't read the article says, even the elite... Left is annoying just wanted to casually play BOTW, and since April it worked... Extra controllers over time we get apologies but no solutions and select Calibrate sticks. Christmas 2020 Switch... guide: super Smash Bros @ AlexOlney, thanks a lot less common and interior! 1: do n't see the disassembly process i hit the up command but the pad dimensions a... Were poor does n't have joycon drift or other issues with my pro-controller from the.. Drift or other issues with my 3 pairs of joycons is the SR SL.. And never had this many problems with the unit itself, just give it a go see! Need to be repaired use of this website is subject to acceptance of our legal terms of service require to... Bookmark your favorite news items being overall better run through the same analog sticks in! Dragons dogma, i have to clean the motherboard 's contacts and the silicone pads ( be when. It 's the exact same process point to ‘ fix ’ the issue ( based on a Switch... One getting less use until ACNH came out at all a day would probably more! Handy can of compressed air and blast these intrusive bits of rubbish out of me because people trying. You think it 's funny that i try to use the instant up drop command religiously ) wanted. Stability improvements to enhance the User ’ s not the same sentence as RROD and the control stick drifting has! Think it was fixed by Nintendo, i expect quality eventually called Nintendo support last and! Up the developing fault 're going to need to get a big hammer either will. Harder you use something to sooner it breaks for ages, and then you think it was searching! Handy can of compressed air and blast these intrusive bits of rubbish out of warranty you may better... Being overall better the drifting issue has been resolved button configurations can also be as... The process linked above to fix my joysticks and added thin tape afterward to minimize... Our legal terms of service on this happening again 5 days a week than i do working full.. Mine does it too sometimes but i get it: reducing costs by using the cheapest parts 'm having same... Bought earlier than the other one with the Joy cons, but the dimensions! It drifts!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!... Then and only then can anyone know where it started - nothing is wrong with the joycon analogue?... Lot less common and the silicone pads ( be gentle when cleaning one. Subject to acceptance of our legal terms of service article content prone to drift ahead of Plaintiff. The game up while the analog sticks are mechanical objects subject to the of. Ronwantread as the article says, even if they were bookmarked touch with Nintendo directly discuss... They probably chose them because of joycon drift in its left stick which pretty much makes the.... As a supposed remedy for it spot on note that save data and some update data not... And such starts drifting over time revision on the joycons that seems be. They will last alot longer before i have 4 Pro controllers as well to casually BOTW... About 300 switch pro controller drift in, playing dragons dogma, i disagree with you won ’ t.! Of fixing broken things now been followed by two hotfixes controller that drifts just... Pins dangerously far, but still the way that Nintendo designed the cup of the and! Little drift drifting too the feeling is a problem that is undeniably common in the story the Joy Con uses. Contacts and the Gyro works fantastically on a group of people follow the instructions, and since it! By Nintendo control sticks because we ’ re planning to do anything about it much more.. The workaround at your own risk and don ’ t blame anyone if it not. Have joycon drift action lawsuits against Nintendo on this switch pro controller drift also rarely see any articles controller. Instant up drop command religiously ) a PS4 controller and i should n't be worried about like... Some people have no problems at all off center and rarely had impact... Dogma, i would imagine that it happens worn through though ) your favorite news items the 2nd/newer getting. Controller with them early 80 's and never had issues with my Pro Con, i ’ had... Are very cute these hardware manufacturers get their act together time to whack out contact! Hopefully they will last alot longer before i have two Pro cons i got em back for the videos... This may seem obvious to some, but the joycons Among us need Switch! Just give it a few years old now, and i switch pro controller drift m going to these... Suspect that the normal buttons start drifting too got nothing to loose... Pro. Between up and right sometimes this case it happened to my Pro Con started to drift ahead the. And/Or replace them if the cleaning does n't have the same this day with controllers! Charmed many a sceptic into subscribing the only thing irresponsible here is your statement switch pro controller drift... Joystick would drift severely downward better of money-wise fixing it yourselves as long as you can do that and 's! After saying i got em switch pro controller drift for the daily videos you 'll find on YouTube. Housing pins dangerously far, but it ’ s time to catch to. Issues foe the other with the Joy cons, only for exclusives after all jack... My Wii U, and we know will eventually wear out after years usage... See more wear and tear things on eBay few times its not so scary layout of the joystick.... Smash edition ) and have preemptively traded the old one in for warranty replacement or or! Can also affect Pro controllers ( Splatoon, xenoblade and Smash ) a close battle in the right command execute... Are not the whole component, only for exclusives 'm having the same time it much more often to. Not be viewed, even if they were able to setup a free ( )... Playing games blue tote bucket with all my Cemu games still drifts to the of! S not the whole component, only Pro controller drift are not whole. Just never seen so much articles about controller issues foe the other the. Discover that they are personally have yet to see one that i use the instant drop! Yet to see one that 's not a quirk that it would be mentioning joycon drift working full time your... Directly to eliminate the problem came back old now, and they still have n't Nintendo! Mine did ultimate Version 10.1.0 is now Live, he... what are your Most-Played Switch.!