Watch out for Overheat which is a heavy hitter. You'll now be able to use Flash outside of battle and Pokémon up to Lv. Location: Rustboro City. You can navigate the gym's puzzle quite easily by stepping on the switches that move around electrical barriers. Answered The puzzle leading up to Wallace is by far the most difficult of any gyms so far. Roxanne - Level 14 … Answered: How do I get to the leader from the abandoned ship? You have just moved to town due to your father becoming a gym leader. Leaders: Brawly. Dewford Town Gym Leader: Brawly Speciality: Fighting: Machop: Fighting: If you picked Mudkip or Treecko (Water and Grass are our recommended types), you'll have the type advantage and Roxanne should be fairly easy to defeat. Rewards: Knuckle Badge | TM08 - Bulk Up. Pokemon Ruby, like most other Pokemon Games, has eight Pokemon Gyms that you must defeat in order to challenge the Pokemon League. Lunatone can put your pokémon to sleep. Your reward for defeating Winona will be the Feather Badge and TM19 - Roost. Wattson will give you the Dynamo Badge and TM72 - Volt Switch once you've beat him. Wallace (Mikuri (ミクリ)): Wallace is the Sootopolis City Gym Leader in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It might be predictable to cast Tate & Liza as the sign of the Twins, but their shared traits make it foolish not to.… Brock And Misty. Answered: Where is the best exp. The gym is dark, but the circle of light around you will expand with every trainer you defeat. A strong Water-type should make easy work of Flannery's Pokémon. Norman is a tall, lean, middle-aged man with short black hair with a single fringe at the center with three edges and dark eyes. Even with a lower level Mudkip or Treeko, your type advantage can bring you to victory. The Balance Badge enables surfing outside of battle and forces all Pokémon up to Level 60 to obey you. Avoid Flying, Water, and Electric types, but anything else will get you through alright. With the Feather Badge you'll be able to use Fly outside of battle and Pokémon up to Level 70 will obey you. The game starts in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region. Norman is also the player character's father in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald no matter which gender is selected. Instead, the player character can battle the four Island Kahuna in a Grand Trial, after passing the Trial. The other gender choice (and therefore the rival) is the child of Professor Birch.Although he is the first Gym Leader encountered, he refuses to battle until the player has at least four Badges. Use the map above and follow the numerical directions for the easiest route. The puzzle in this gym is very easy, there's a few simple switches on the floor that move electric currents around. Keep in mind that she will be using Potions to heal. farm in Pokémon Ruby? Most of Winona's Pokémon have a weakness to Electric-types, so a strong Manectric or Plusle/Minun should make quick work of her first three Pokémon. Unless you picked Torchic as your starter, you shouldn't have difficulty defeating Roxanne. All trademarks are property of their respective owner.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The Dynamo Badge allows you to use Rock Smash outside of battle and forces all Pokémon up to Level 40 to obey you. After meeting Professor Birch out in the wild you choose a starter Pokémon - Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip. Fighting type Pokémon are weak to Flying, Psychic, and Ghost but strong against Normal, Dark, Rock, and Steel. If you manage to defeat him, he'll hand out the Dynamo Badge (raises the base Speed stat of all of your Pokémon and allows you to use HM06 - Rock Smash outside of battle) and TM34 - Shockwave. Gym #5: Petalburg City Location: Petalburg City Gym Leader: Norman Specialty: Normal-type Reward: Balance Badge, TM42. With the exception of Brendan and May, the player's rival can be repeatedly rematched after entering the Hall of Fame of that region. Pulling switches changes the direction certain tiles point, allowing the player to reach Tate and Liza when all the switches are pulled. Electric is the best type to use; Rock and Ice are also very effective. You'll be awarded with the Heat Badge (All pokémon up to Level 50 will obey you, you can use HM04 - Strength outside of battle) and TM50 - Overheat. The quickest way to the leader is by traveling right, up, left, up, right, down, right, up. Lavaridge Town Gym – Flannery. For this reason, it's also recommended you bring a strong Rock type to finish Winona off. Unlike recent games, in OR/AS the Elite Four must be completed in order, like the original Ruby/Sapphire. You'll now also be able to use HM01 - Cut outside of battle and Pokémon Lv. Gym Leader Battle Theme from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Torchic users will have to either catch another Pokémon or train Torchic to much higher levels to win. Be prepared to heal from paralysis and watch out for the Super Potions that Wattson will use to heal just before you thought you'd beat him. The balance badge will allow you to use HM03 - Surf outside of battle. It includes details of the stats for each of the Gym Leader's Pokemon as well as as their movesets. All original content copyright Pokeball Insider 2014-2018. Normal uses Normal-type Pokémon and is weak to Fighting-types. Roxanne is a girl with red eyes and brown hair, which is tied up into two pigtails with a red bow, with a small black U-stripe. You'll fight both of them at once in a 2 versus 2 double battle. You'll avoid two trainers this way, but you might want to face them for expirience anyway. Ralts and Tailow are good choices for this gym. You'll need to navigate the two floors of Lavaridge Gym to make it up to the leader. Each room contains one trainer that has speciality for you to overcome. Try and memorize the path will you still have light and then make your way through the dark. All original content copyright Pokeball Insider 2014-2018. The gym trainers might force you to go back to the Pokemon Center a few times because of status conditions - stock up on healing items at the fabulous Celadon Department Store. For the first time in Gym Leader history, there's actually two gym leaders. Main article: Wallace (anime) Wallace was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City, the champion of the Pokémon League, and currently a Pokémon Coordinator. Thanks for using our Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gym Leaders guide! This Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Gym Leaders gives you all the information, resources, and strategy you need to navigate the gyms and defeat all 8 Gym Leaders in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Type: Lv: 14 Moves: Bulk Up Leer Karate Chop Seismic Toss, Type: Lv: 16 Moves: Bulk Up Knock Off Arm Thrust Sand Attack. Norman can be a fairly tricky gym leader, his Pokémon all boast a heavy HP stat. Leer. Use this Fortree Gym Map and the following instructions for the quickest route: gate 1 right, gate 2 right, gate 2 down, gate 3 up, gate 3 right, gate 4 right, gate 3 up, gate 3 right, gate 3 down, gate 4 left, gate 5 right, gate 6 right, gate 6 down, gate 7 down, gate 5 up, gate 6 right. If you have a type advantage, Winona is a piece of cake. The Mind Badge raises the Special Attack and Special Defense of all of your Pokémon and allows you to use HM08 - Dive outside of battle. Upon winning your father will state both his fatherly pride and gym leaderly dissapointment and give you both the Balance Badge and TM42 - Facade. Fighting type is this gym's speciality, so a strong Flying like Taillow or Psychic like Ralts will lead you to victory with ease. 20 and below will obey you. There are multiple paths to reach the gym leader, connected by a series of rooms. Fighting, Rock, and Steel are all good choices for Petalburg Gym. You'll face four trainers along the way with 1-3 Pokémon each. To me, there wasn’t anyone else to put on the top of this list. The Gym Leader is Roxanne, a Rock-Type Pokemon User. Roxanne will give you the Stone Badge and TM39 - Rock Tomb upon admitting defeat. Bulk Up. I wanted to try this out for a long time now and I finally bring it to you guys. Watch out for Super Potions that will restore his Pokémon's health and them ove Retaliate after you defeat one of his Pokémon. This battle is fairly difficult, you'll need to watch out for Lunatone's Hypnosis and the multiple Hyper Potions that will be used just when you think you've won. Rewards - Stone Badge | TM39 - Rock Tomb: Gym #1 Rustboro Gym - Leader Roxanne. A guide to Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire gym leaders and the Elite Four, including the Pokémon they use. Fortree Gym specializes in Flying type Pokémon. Answered: Can you have a rematch with a gym leader? Dewford Gym is an actual gym, complete with exercise equipment. Ruby & Sapphire follows the usual pattern of training and catching Pokémon, battling through eight gyms and then the Elite Four and Champion. Ralts is an especially good choice because it will learn Disarming Voice at lvl 11 which will be super effective against Meditite as well. A strong Grass-type Pokémon (choosing Treecko pays off) will make easy work of Wallace's team, and a good Electric-type will also be effective if you bring an alternate for Whiscash. Karate Chop. Remember that he will heal his Pokémon if you give him the chance. If you let Geodude or Nosepass's health get too low, Roxanne may use potions to heal. Flattery will get you nowhere, neither will a failure to prepare for … Wattson also has a nasty habit of using Super Potions when his Pokémon are running low on health. This is evidenced by the different types used by Blue during his reign as the Gym Leader of the Viridian Gym in Generations II, IV, and VII, although he is the only Gym Leader to do so. In Ruby and Sapphire, they have a level 42 Lunatone and level 42 Solrock. Wallace will award you with the Rain Badge and HM05 - Waterfall which you can also use outside of battle. Wattson's Pokémon all have a weakness to Ground type, so Geodude is a good option; if you chose Torchic as your starter it may be a good option as well, since ground types are hard to come by. Type: Lv: 45 Moves: Light Screen Psychic Hypnosis Calm Mind, Type: Lv: 45 Moves: Sunny Day Rock Slide Psychic Solar Beam. Unlike the other Hoenn Gym Leaders, Wattson has two different signature Pokémon that depend on the version being played. Don't be hesitant to use potions/berries if necessary. Lv: 14. Leader Wallace is the head of Sootopolis Gym. Gym Leader: Roxanne. The Solrock knows Fire and Grass moves in addition to the move Psychic. The two Slugmas shouldn't give you much trouble. Pokemon Ruby Gyms: First Gym: The first gym is found in Rustboro City. This should take you to the gym leader, Flannery. Winona also awards you with TM40 - Aerial Ace. After defeating the Leader duo, you'll get the Mind Badge and TM04 - Calm Mind for your efforts. Avoid any grass, bug, or steel types. There's three trainers to battle before the leader, after each one you'll need to step on a switch illuminating your path forward. Mossdeep Gym Leaders Tate and Liza specialize in Psychic type Pokémon, although the unique dual-typing, moveset, and abilities of Lunatone and Solrock make it very hard to gain any sort of type advantage over them; Water and Ghost will be your best bets. Alola has no Gym Leaders. Watch out for the hard-hitting Overheat and be ready for her to use Super Potions. We also note the significant trainer battles below. As long as you've been battling trainers and any wild encounters your Pokémon should be at high enough levels to defeat the gym leader. Thanks for using our Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Gym Leaders guide! Torkoal becomes problamatic with Attract, which will render all your Male Pokémon basically useless. 30 will obey you. If Makuhita drops to low health Brawley will use potions to restore it; hit him heavy so he doesn't have a chance. Type: Lv: 28 Moves: Encore Retaliate Yawn Feint Attack, Type: Lv: 28 Moves: Fury Swipe Feint Attack Retaliate Encore, Type: Lv: 30 Moves: Chip Away Swagger Retaliate Feint Attack. Focusing on one of the two before the other should make this battle more manageable. You'll need to step on every ice tile once (and only once) in each of these progressively larger areas. #1 Machop. Leader - Roxanne: Type - Recommended - Map - Click here! The gimmick in this gym isn't actually that hard, just cut down trees to open the path to the leader. Now that you've defeated all eight leaders, you're ready to traverse Victory Road and take on the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Elite Four. Recommended types are water, rock, and ground which are all super effectives. On your journey you must also defeat the evil Team Magm… We recommend a Pokémon that knows Surf, as you'll have the type advantage and be able to attack both Pokémon at once (although Sunny Day does reduce the effectiveness of Water attacks). Don't be hesitant to use potions/berries if necessary. Type: Lv: 44 Moves: Water Pulse Attract Sweet Kiss Draining Kiss, Type: Lv: 44 Moves: Mud Sport Waterfall Zen Headbutt Earthquake, Type: Lv: 44 Moves: Encore Body Slam Aurora Beam Waterfall, Type: Lv: 44 Moves: Horn Drill Fury Attack Rain Dance Water Pulse, Type: Lv: 46 Moves: Hydro Pump Disarming Voice Recover Ice Beam. However, many Gym Leaders have one or two Pokémon that stray fro… This gym is a relatively simple one and has you have to climb up various ropes around a tree, swinging from platform to platform to reach the leader, Ramos. POKEMON RUBY AND SAPPHIRE GYM LEADERS. To navigate the gym you'll need to find a path through the one-way barriers that change direction when you walk through them. Each room in the gym focuses on a different stat (attack, accuracy, speed, ect.) Mossdeep Gym is unique in that it has two Gym Leader, Tate and Liza, that work together in a double battle using their Psychic-type Pokémon. For many old school … Roxanne wears pink leggings and a small pointed pink tie around her neck. Gordie is Pokémon Sword’s rock type gym leader of Circhester. Normal-types are unique in that they only have one weakness (Fighting) so this battle may prove to be difficult if you haven't caught a lot of different Pokémon. You'll get the Feather Badge for winning which allows you to use HM02 - Surf outside of battle and all Pokémon up to Level 70 will obey you. Nearly all Leaders rely on a single type of Pokémon. Avoiding using any Bug or Fighting types. Reward: Stone … Type: Lv: 19 Moves: Thunder Wave Tackle Volt Switch, Type: Lv: 19 Moves: Rollout Charge Volt Switch, Type: Lv: 21 Moves: Supersonic Magnet Bomb Volt Switch. If you happened to catch a Poochyena that knowns Ice Fang, it'll also be very effective against rock types. Most official Gyms feature a number of Trainers that the player may face before battling the Gym Leader. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Bank Pokémon Battle Trozei Pokémon Link: Battle ... the Hoenn region has its own specific Pokédex which contains all the Pokémon available within the region. Boring: Gardenia (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl) Similar to Water-type trainers, there’s an unfortunately … You'll also be able to control Pokémon up to level 30 and use HM05 - Flash outside of battle. The Heat Badge will make it so all Pokémon Level 50 and below will obey you and will allow you to use the HM Strength outside of battle. Her Altaria is also part Dragon-type and knows Earthquake, which is capable of massive damage to Electric-types. Black/White Gym leaders& Elite Four As usual, in Black & White you battle through eight gyms before taking on the Elite Four, with a few notable differences. Rustboro Gym specializes in Rock type Pokémon, there's three trainers to defeat as well as the Gym Leader. This Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Gym Leaders gives you all the information, resources, and strategy you need to navigate the gyms and defeat all 8 Gym Leaders in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Typically, you'll be able to get a few hits off before any of his Pokémon will even deal damage. Type: Lv: 33 Moves: Quick Attack Aerial Ace Double Team Endeavor, Type: Lv: 33 Moves: Water Pulse Roost Protect Aerial Ace, Type: Lv: 33 Moves: Sand Attack Air Cutter Steel Wing Aerial Ace, Type: Lv: 35 Moves: Earthquake Dragon Breath Cotton Guard Flying. How do you get to the forth gym leader? If you have the type advantage, Brawly should be defeated very easily. SUBSCRIBE! Erika's gym requires Cut! His Water-type Pokémon are strong, but share a weakness to Grass-types and Electric-types (bar Whiscash). Ghost is also an excellent choice if the Pokémon knows non-ghost moves (Normal and Ghost types can't affect each other). However, Altaria's Earthquake can deal massage damage if you're not careful and Winona has two Hyper Potions to use if you let her. There's also four trainers in here that you can use to train before facing the gym leader. Rustboro Gym is rock type, and there's two trainers you'll have to face before the gym leader. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Elite Four. Pelipper is a good choice that also has the ability to learn many HMs and an evolved Geodude could probably do the trick. Kanto The Electric-type specialist of the Mauville Gym is none other than Wattson. Flannery also has a weakness to Rock-type, if Water isn't an option for you. A warp tilenext to them warp… If you haven't been training you're Pokémon outside of trainer battles, you'll probably need to do that before defeating the gym leader, depending on what types of Pokémon you have. FOLLOW ME! In Ruby and Sapphire, the Gym's floor is covered with tiles similar to spin tiles that whisk the player across to another area of the Gym when stepped on. This is something different that has never been done before on youtube. and the trainer will use items that boost that stat. Even if you don't, she shouldn't be too much trouble. Some Leaders, however, stray from this mold, albeit rarely. If you let Geodude or Nosepass's health get too low, Roxanne may use potions to heal. Thank you for your support! He is an expert on Water-type Pokémon and also happens to be a skilled artist. Now that you've collected all eight badges, all Pokémon will obey you. Type: Lv: 12 Moves: Tackle Defense Curl Rock Tomb, Type: Lv: 14 Moves: Tackle Harden Rock Tomb. Before stating this, he first introduces the player to Wally (secondary rival) which is when the Pokémon catching tutorial happens. Home > Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire > Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gym Leaders. The gym's puzzle is quite easy, you'll just need to step on switches that open up new pathways that will eventually lead you to the Gym Leaders. Gym Leaders Liza and Tate. Brawly has two Pokémon, Machop and Makuhita. Watch out for Selfdestruct from Voltorb and SonicBoom (always does 20 damage) from the other two, both of which can be deadly. Rustboro City Gym Leader: Roxanne Speciality: Rock: Geodude: Ground/Rock: Level 14: Nosepass: Rock: Level 15: Stone Badge: Increases Attack; Allows use of HM01 - Cut outside of battle. Gym #4: Courmaline City: Location: Courmaline City Gym Leader: Ramos Specialty: Grass-type Reward: Grass Badge, TM 86 Grass Knot. As long as you've trained your Pokémon well enough, you should be able to defeat Tate & Liza. Liza and Tate's Psychic and Rock duo can make Mossdeep one of the most difficult Gyms to defeat; but they do have weaknesses of Water, Ghost, and Grass types. The gym leaders of Mossdeep Gym are twins. You'll now be able to use Dive outside of battle and rely on Pokémon up to Level 80. Mauville Gym is Electric type, so a ground Pokémon will take you through the gym in a breeze. You'll receive the Knuckle Badge and TM08 - Bulk Up for winning. Articles on the Gym Leaders featured in the Anime, in the Games and in the Manga. Mauville Gym is an electric-type gym led by Leader Wattson. You'll be given the Balance Badge and TM67 - Retaliate if you defeat your father. Method: Your father Normal heads the fifth gym, which has a series of doors with trainers using Pokemon focusing on one strong stat like Attack, Speed, etc. The quickest way to navigate the gym is to enter the holes as follows: Left, left, top-left, right, left, top, top-right, right, bottom-left, bottom. The Electric/Steel-type Magneton will be his ace at level 23 in Ruby & Sapphire or level 21 in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Wattson is a step up in difficulty compared to the previous two leaders, you may need to exit the gym and train before beating him. These Trainers cannot be battled after the Gym Leader has been defeated, with the exception of those found in Driftveil GymB2W2.The Gym guide routinely stands at the entrance of the Gym, giving the player advice about the type advantages correspondi… Type: Lv: 26 Moves: Overheat Smog Light Screen Sunny Day, Type: Lv: 26 Moves: Earth Power Lava Plume Amnesia Sunny Day, Type: Lv: 28 Moves: Overheat Body Slam Curse Sunny Day. You'll now also be able to use HM01 - Cut outside of battle. Their teams typically consist of the same type of Pokémon that the Gym Leader has. TM 39: Rock Tomb - lowers the opponent's speed. In Silver's case however, he can … Watch out for the variety of move types (Fire, Rock, and Grass) that might be unexpected from Solrock. In Pokémon Emerald , Wallace becomes the Pokémon League Champion, leaving the post of Gym Leader to his mentor, Juan . In this game, only Pokémon available within the games were in this Pokédex. Answered: How do I beat the electric type gym leader? Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery specializes in Fire-type Pokémon. Fortree Gym is lead by Leader Winona, who specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. Among all the Water-type Pokémon he specializes in using, Milotic is one of his strongest Pok… Navigating the gym can be tricky, you'll need to take the directional moving paths and hit switches along the way. Flannery will reward you with the Heat Badge and TM50 - Overheat for defeating her. For example, Erika uses only Grass-type Pokémon in official Gym battles. Home > Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire > Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Gym Leaders. Rustoboro City. Be careful about burning, poisoning, or paralyzing, because all of his Pokémon know Facade which deals double damage under these conditions. You'll have to solve switching gate puzzles to navigate this gym. Specialty: Rock-type. You'll need to face three trainers of your choice before taking on the fifth gym leader, your father. You'll get the Mind Badge and TM04 - Calm Mind for winning. Roxanne will give you the Stone Badge and TM39 - Rock Tomb upon admitting defeat. There are multiple path options you can choose, a good strategy is to make sure you don't cut off your path to the north and remember you can cut diagonally to another tile. All trademarks are property of their respective owner.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This badge allows for Pokémon up to Level 60 to obey As always, take into account the nasty use of super potions just when you think you've sealed the deal. This Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gym Leaders guide gives information and strategy on how to beat each of the eight gym leaders in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Lavaridge Gym has a speciality of fire type Pokémon. Since Generation I, the player's rival plays a key role within the game, occasionally giving hints, helping out or even challenging the player to a rematch. Just when you're about to KO a Pokémon Norman will use a Hyper Potion, so plan accordingly. He is dressed in white clothing and has light blue hair. A well trained Makuhita should do the trick, or any Pokémon that knows Rock Smash. Once defeated, Brawley will award you with the Knuckle Badge and TM08 - Bulk Up. 1. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Gym leaders& Elite Four In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire you battle through the usual eight gyms before taking on the Elite Four. Petalburg Gym is ran by your father, Norman.
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